• More than 50% of all medicines are prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately
  • Half of all patients fail to take medicines correctly
  • More than 50% of all countries do not implement basic policies to promote rational use of medicines
  • CDMU - Reaching out to bring essential medicines within reach and making quality healthcare affordable
‘I am very grateful to CDMU for giving us guidance on maintaining stock register which helped me to maintain stock of medicines and helped us in procurement of medicines.’ - Sr Jeesly, Jeevana Health Centre, Belpahari

‘I am able to save funds by procurement of medicines from CDMU and I can able to utilize the same for upgradation of my hospital facility.' - Sr Emilda, Health Coordinator, Nirmala Health Centre, Chandwa

‘I am benefited by procuring medicines from CDMU in two ways one by receiving quality medicines at affordable cost and thereby save funds and also receiving anti snake venom for my patients.' - Sr Benosa, Carmel Health Centre, Latehar

‘The stock register helped us in maintaining monthly stock of medicines, how much to procure and also reduces distress purchase when medicines are out of stock.’ - Sr Suma Carmel Health Centre, Hatimara